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  Act! v21 Pro
  Act! Premium
  Act! Premium for Web
  Act! Marketing Automation
  Accounts Master! - Linking Act! to QuickBooks
  itImport - Import/Merge data into Act!
  itExport - Export data from Act!
  Handheld Contact - The mobile solution for Act! CRM
  itTables - Custom Tables and Relationships
  itDial - Link Act! to TAPI phones and Skype
  itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act!
  itFetch - Create contacts from e-mails
  itScan - scan business cards directly into Act!
  itService - Automatically run CRMAddon tools
  Telesupport Helpdesk 4.0

itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act!

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itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act!
  • Send eNewsletters, promotional/ advertorial items, event invitations, letters, announcements, product/ service information, and more
  • Integrates with Exchange functions
  • Able to define the amount of emails sent out in a specific time period
  • Target your emails - select Contacts, Groups, Lookups, or your entire database
  • Reach thousands of contacts at once - We tested it with more than 10,000 different emails at one time
  • Inrease your Open rate - Set the contact's dedicated Record Manager as the message sender
  • Automatically send scheduled emails - Just select your message and target groups, then set th edate and time to send
  • Use ACT! documents and templates or HTML to design professional looking emails that compliment your corporate vision, message, and brand

    Email is one of the most effective tools for keeping in touch with customers and prospects.  Not only is email a fast, inexpensive and effective communication tool, but it also boasts a higher ROI than any other form of direct response marketing.  Unfortunately, attempting to reach large groups of contacts using ACT!'s sluggish built-in email client can feel like an uphill battle.  itOutreach for ACT! helps you develop and maintain profitable relationships with contacts by sending targeted, regular email messages.

    Additional Features:

    • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook for 'best of both worlds' functionality
    • Works with encyption (Microsoft)
    • Validates email addresses
    • Functions as multi-tier application
    • Supports attachments
    • Includes built-in SPAM defense - triggers less SPAM flags than with Swiftpage 
    Combine with our other AddOns to execute complex functions:
    itDial - seamlessly blend email and telephone communications

    Staying in touch with customers and prospects is critical to your business's success.  Contact your reselleror a GL Computing representative today to learn how you can make more effective and profitable use of email communications with itOutreach for ACT!

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