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Act! Marketing Automation


Act! Marketing Automation

Swiftpage will be launching a plugin version of their new Act! Marketing Automation service late summer, with plans to incorporate AMA into the core product with Act! Premium v21- expected later this month.

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is a new feature built into Act! enabling you to automate workflow between your sales and marketing efforts. With a brand new comprehensive email marketing system, with advanced CRM workflow, lead capture and surveys, and campaign and customer insights, you will easily be able to prioritise follow-ups, automate sales tasks, and complete interaction history.

Many may recall the Swiftpage eMarketing was initially introduced the same way in 2006, and sold as a value-add subscription which would later be incorporated into the core product in 2010.

Act! Marketing Automation (AMA) is the future of Swiftpage eMarketing as it features a dramatically superior editor (reminds me of the CMS editors in Joomla or Wordpress), a fully functioning workflow builder that can trigger additional actions, stages, and database changes, surveys, as well as comprehensive reporting.

We've seen a few hours of demonstrations of this new service, and for the first time we believe Act! has a product that can compete with the likes of Constant Contact & Mailchimp from a design perspective, while featuring the workflow capability of Pardot by SFDC - but at a small fraction of the cost

More importantly, AMA will be deeply integrated into the Act! core product with Act! v21, allowing users to work with groups and look-ups the way they're used to, while merging their database field data directly into their emails.

* An Act! Premium subscription option. Additional plan required.

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