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  Act! v21 Pro
  Act! Premium
  Act! Premium for Web
  Act! Marketing Automation
  Accounts Master! - Linking Act! to QuickBooks
  itImport - Import/Merge data into Act!
  itExport - Export data from Act!
  Handheld Contact - The mobile solution for Act! CRM
  itTables - Custom Tables and Relationships
  itDial - Link Act! to TAPI phones and Skype
  itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act!
  itFetch - Create contacts from e-mails
  itScan - scan business cards directly into Act!
  itService - Automatically run CRMAddon tools
  Telesupport Helpdesk 4.0


  • Contact, Company, and Group merges
  • Editable error log for easy re-import of specified rows
  • Option for MergeAdmin to validate your data prior to execution
  • 'Empty' and 'Non-Empty' field merges
  • Advanced Lookup Tool
  • Merge data from external input files into ACT! on a field-by-field level
  • Reliably merge or import ASCII data in CSV or tab-delimited formats
  • Easy to install and use with step-by-step wizard interface
  • Attention Oak!Merge! users: MergeAdmin gives you the power and flexibility you need to update and import your ACT! 2010 data

    MergeAdmin 2010 merges and imports data from any ASCII data file into an ACT! 2010 database on a field-by-field level so you can keep your ACT! data updated with useful information from other sources. You determine how to match contacts and which fields to update - all other fields remain intact.

    Take that valuable customer data from around your company and bring it into specific ACT! fields for each contact - without custom programming.  MergeAdmin updates just the ACT! fields you choose, such as year-to-date sales data, last products purchased, new customer records, data from web info requests, downloads from the corporate mainframe, billing and credit information from accounting, and more.


    Example:  Update existing contacts with new field data

    To update today's year-to-date sales figures from your accounting system into a "YTD Sales" field in ACT!, simply follow these three steps using MergeAdmin:

    1. Select the ASCII input file created from your accounting system that you want to merge with your ACT! data. 
    2. Set your custom match criteria to control exactly what happens when MergeAdmin finds a match between contacts in your data file and existing contacts in ACT!.  Your match criteria can be up to three fields in your ACT! database, such as "Contact Name, Phone Number and Address1," or simply "Customer ID#."
    3. Map the sales data in your ASCII input file into the destination "YTD Sales" field in ACT! to update just that field when MergeAdmin finds matching contacts. 

      (Click to enlarge)

    MergeAdmin 2010 then updates your ACT! data with useful and timely information that your front-line sales team and marketing staff can use immediately.  New contacts are added to ACT! when matches are not found, saving you hours of retyping to keep your ACT! data current.  If you can get external customer data into an ASCII file, you can update existing Contact, Company, or Group records with the latest information in just a few minutes.  MergeAdmin gives you the power and reliability to make your ACT! data even more useful - so you can sell more and grow your business.
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