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Act! CRM

June, 2017
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February, 2013
ACT! Users Celebrate: Sage sells ACT! & SalesLogix to Swiftpage
February, 2013
What the ACT! Fanatics think of Mike Lazarus
  Accounts Master! - Linking Act! to QuickBooks
  itImport - Import/Merge data into Act!
  itExport - Export data from Act!
  Handheld Contact - The mobile solution for Act! CRM
  itTables - Custom Tables and Relationships
  itDial - Link Act! to TAPI phones and Skype
  itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act!
  itFetch - Create contacts from e-mails
  itScan - scan business cards directly into Act!
  itService - Automatically run CRMAddon tools
  Telesupport Helpdesk 4.0

The following retail prices are in Australian Dollars (GST inc) applicable in Australia only. Volume pricing also available.
To purchase, please fill in and submit the GL Computing Contact Form and we will reply to discuss your needs

Product Code
Price AU
Act! v21 Pro Act! v21 Pro $335
Act! Premium Act! Premium $35
ASDSAA3A AutoAdmin 2008/2009 $375
ASDSDOCA DocAdmin 2008/2009 $195
ASDSFAXA FaxAdmin 2008/2009 $149
ASDSMEDA MedleyAdmin $149
ASDSMERA MergeAdmin 2008/2009 $550
ASDSMIGA MigrateAdmin $475
CRMADIAL01 itDial Advanced (TAPI and Skype) $295
CRMADIAL02 itDial Advanced (TAPI and Skype) - 2+ $220
CRMADIAL06 itDial Advanced (TAPI and Skype) - 6+ $199
CRMADSKYPE itDial Basic (Skype only) $99
CRMADTAPI01 itDial Standard (TAPI only) $250
CRMADTAPI02 itDial Standard (TAPI only) - 2+ $190
CRMADTAPI06 itDial Standard (TAPI only) - 6+ $175
CRMAEX00 itExport Standard - Export data from Act! $395
CRMAEX01 itExport Pro - Export data from Act! $495
CRMAEXIM00 itImport Basic - Import/Merge data into Act! $299
CRMAEXIM01 itImport Standard - Import/Merge data into Act! $599
CRMAEXIM02 itImport Advanced - Import/Merge data into Act! $799
CRMAEXIM03 itImport Pro - Import/Merge data into Act! $1145
CRMAEXIM05 itImport Basic - Upgrade from previous Act! version $95
CRMAEXIM50 itService - Service for automatically running itImport or itExport $345
CRMAFUM0 itFetch - Starter $475
CRMAFUMA itFetch - Advanced $1150
CRMAFUMP itFetch - Pro $1300
CRMAFUMS itFetch - Standard $915
CRMAOR00 itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act! $215
CRMATBLS01 itTables - Custom tables and relationships $199
CRMATBLS05 itTables - Custom tables and relationships - 6+ $149
CRMATBLS09 itTables - Custom tables and relationships - 12+ $139
CRMSCN01 itScan - Easily scan business cards directly into Act! $475
TSHDA2U Telesupport Helpdesk 2-User Pack $2285
TSHDA5U Telesupport Helpdesk 5-User Pack $4450
TSHDAX1 Telesupport Helpdesk single addon (after 5) $725
TSHDAX5 Telesupport Helpdesk 5-pack addon $2895
TSHDS2U Telesupport Helpdesk 2-User Super Bundle $1145
TSHDS5U Telesupport Helpdesk 5-User Super Bundle $1245
TSHDSX1 Telesupport Helpdesk Super Bundle single addon $155
TSHDSX5 Telesupport Helpdesk Super Bundle 5-pack addon $825
TSHDU2U Telesupport Helpdesk 2-User Upgrade $1825
TSHDU3U Telesupport Helpdesk 5-User Upgrade $3545
TSTT00 Hot Tips Publisher $395
TSW300 HelpDesk for the Web $1090
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