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  Act! v21 Pro
  Act! Premium
  Act! Premium for Web
  Act! Marketing Automation
  Accounts Master! - Linking Act! to QuickBooks
  itImport - Import/Merge data into Act!
  itExport - Export data from Act!
  Handheld Contact - The mobile solution for Act! CRM
  itTables - Custom Tables and Relationships
  itDial - Link Act! to TAPI phones and Skype
  itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act!
  itFetch - Create contacts from e-mails
  itScan - scan business cards directly into Act!
  itService - Automatically run CRMAddon tools
  Telesupport Helpdesk 4.0



  • New ASDS FaxManager, no need for a seperate fax solution.
  • Send a Quick Fax, Mail Merge and Fax, or Fax Blast.
  • Send personalized faxes, log faxes to history & never retype a fax number again.
  • Easily send multiple attached documents such as brochures, price lists and more.
  • Uses Windows Fax and Scan or FaxTalk engines. Supports Windows 7 and 8.
  • FaxAdmin is also the only solution that enables Windows Fax and Scan or FaxTalk to work with Act! v17.

FaxAdmin is the only solution that allows you to send personalized faxes to any number of contacts right from within Act! (up to v17) - without leaving your desk!  Send multiple attached documents such as brochures, price lists, contracts to any number of ACT! contacts using WinFax PRO and the new FaxBlast feature!

Say goodbye to the hassles of printing out a document on paper, taking it over to the fax machine, struggling to load the paper right side up (or down?), dialing the number correctly and checking back later to make sure it went through.  Then there's the mess of lost documents to deal with.  FaxAdmin eliminates all these hassles and makes it easy to stay perfectly organized.

Unleash the power of desktop faxing to easily send professional communications and grow your business.

Send instant personalized faxes to one customer-or one hundred!

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