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  Act! v21 Pro
  Act! Premium
  Act! Premium for Web
  Act! Marketing Automation
  Accounts Master! - Linking Act! to QuickBooks
  itImport - Import/Merge data into Act!
  itExport - Export data from Act!
  Handheld Contact - The mobile solution for Act! CRM
  itTables - Custom Tables and Relationships
  itDial - Link Act! to TAPI phones and Skype
  itOutreach - Quickly and easily send emails from Act!
  itFetch - Create contacts from e-mails
  itScan - scan business cards directly into Act!
  itService - Automatically run CRMAddon tools
  Telesupport Helpdesk 4.0



  • Single-click scan and attach documents right from within Act!
  • Easily print and share documents in standard PDF format
  • Works with virtually any scanner
  • Easy to learn and use

    DocAdmin is the perfect tool to keep you organized with the touch of your finger.  Simply place any document in your scanner, hit the DocAdmin "One-Click" button on the ACT! toolbar, and your document is scanned and attached to that contact.

    If you have client paperwork crowding your desk and file cabinets, DocAdmin will help you get organized, so you can save time and focus on selling.

    DocAdmin is perfect for:

    • Financial Planners and Brokers
    • Insurance Agents
    • Real Estate Agents
    • Recruiters
    • Mobile Salespeople
    • Accountants
    • Legal Professionals
    • Executive Assistants
    • Small Business Owners
    • Home Office workers

    Filing client paperwork has never been easier!

    • Signed contracts
    • Resumes
    • Meeting handouts
    • Magazine articles
    • Printed pictures
    • Incoming faxes
    • Marketing collateral
    • Handwritten notes
    • Incoming correspondence
    • Filled-in forms
    • Signed approvals
    • Letters
    • Copies of checks & receipts

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    Scan and attach any document with one click!

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