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itDial - Link Act! to TAPI phones and Skype

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itDial - Link Act! to TAPI phones and Skype
  • Integrates seamlessly with Act! 2007 and later
  • Identify incoming calls and display a pop-up window with the contact's record.
  • Effortlessly maintain your database with Scheduled Call Lists and automatic Activity clearing.
  • Use Skype for both inbound and outbound calls using just your computer, Act! and itDial.
  • Create activities for unanswered incoming calls with the option to send it directly to your phone of tablet if you have wireless synchronisation (i.e. Handheld Contact).
  • Schedule Activities with a single mouse click. Activities scheduled on a weekend will prompt you for a confirmation and give you the option to reschedule for the next business day.
  • Use your PBX or switchboard to identify and record external and internal calls.
  • Display a secondary contact's information as part of the Call Contact pop-up window if it has been associated with the primary contact.

    itDial for Act! makes keeping track of telephone calls easier than ever. Using itDial, ACT! users can dial and answer calls, update contact information, add new contacts, create history, and schedule activities for incoming and outgoing calls with just the click of a mouse.


    Incoming calls:

    • Identification - Displays a predefined PopUp with the contact information at the first ringing of the phone.
    • Forwarding - Internal / external forwarding of incoming calls
    • Use Headset - call can be adopted with a single mouse click
    • Unknown number - Add the number to any Act! contact or create a new contact.

    Outgoing calls:

    • Dial by mouse click - Rather than dialing the number by hand you can do this now by just a single click directly from your computer. There are no more misdials and you benefit from an enormous time savings.
    • Speeddial – Select a particular phone field. Is this number available the call will start automatically, if there is no number the selection dialog appears with all the numbers of this contact
    • Direct Dialing - If only one number exists, Dial IT dials out directly, without the showing the dialog with all phone numbers of this contact
    • Call from clipboard - Direct call out of the clipboard. Choose whether you want to add this number to an existing or create a new contact.

    Skype Integration:

    • SMS - Send text messages through your Skype account
    • Call Skype-Contact - Call your Skype contact (an ACT! field is required where the Skype name is saved)
    • Call Skype-Out - Make cheap calls to land lines and mobile phones all over the world via SkypeOut


    • Internal numbers - Record of internal calls
    • Integration - Seamless integration with ACT!
    • History – Protocol every conversation as history entry in ACT!
    • Activity - During the interview you can arrange appointments
    • Automatic activity - Planning an activity for all unanswered calls
    • ToDo List - view your task list, this can be defined due to a lot of selection options. Decide whether the task shall be marked by starting the call or after the end.
    • Spellchecker - details in the text elements will be compared with the OpenOffice dictionaries, the spellchecker may then offer alternative spellings and word suggest
    • Report Generator - Create reports for history. Various selection possibilities such as history type, user or time frame of the history

    itDial’s interface of convenient toolbar icons and customizable sticky pop-up windows is easy to learn, easy to teach, and easy to use.
    ContactGL Computingtoday to learn how you can click your way to efficient call workflow with itDial for ACT!

    To checkto see if your telephone system is TAPI compliant,
    After you download and extractPhone.exe, start it andclick on "Start Session".
    Enter a phone number in the scheduled field. Then click on "Make Call".
    If you can make a call your telephone system is tapi-compliant and will work with itDial
    If you are not able to make a call, please contact your telephone provider to see if they have a Windows TAPI driver for your system.

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