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OAK!Quote! 6.0

OAK!Quote! 6.0
  • Supports ACT!®, GoldMine®, Maximizer®, SalesLogix®; Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, and Quattro Pro.
  • Extensive customization provided in the Catalog Database and quotation templates.
  • Quotes can be created, saved, retrieved, exported, and imported within OAK!Quote!.
  • Quote creation enhanced through the use of pre-defined default values and drop-down lists.
  • Reports available for Product Table, Discount Table, Quote Status, and more.
  • Catalog Database can be imported via Comma-Delimited ASCII file or built as you create quotes.
Features & Benefits

Product Table: The Product Table in OAK!Quote! is easily configured and maintained according to the requirements of the product line(s) you represent! You can store multimedia files (text, image, sound/movie) with each product to describe or demonstrate the product. Each item in the Product Table can have a "tip" that displays when an item is selected for a quote. Tips serve as a coach to the person building the quote. Editable fields include Catalog Number, Product Line, Item Name, List Price, Discount Code, Non-priced Options, Priced Accessories, Prerequisites (items which should also be included for quote integrity), Subassemblies (manufacturing detail), Long Description, ten user-specified numeric accumulation fields (weight, cubic feet, etc.), and ten user-specified text fields (manufacturer, certifications, etc.). When creating a quote, you can query the Product Table to locate only those line items you want, and you can display multi-media files. Ad hoc line items on a quote can optionally add an entry to the Product Table. Thus, the Product Table is built as you create quotes.

Discount Table: Discount Table The Discount Table in OAK!Quote! specifies the discount to apply to a line item in the quote based on three critical discount factors: (1) customer code, (2) product code, and (3) quantity quoted. You can maintain an unlimited number of discounts. Editable fields include Product Discount Code, Customer Discount Code, Quantity Discount Range Begin, Quantity Discount Range End, and Discount/Multiplier. You can also specify a series of total-quote-value discount ranges, which apply to the total dollar value of the quote.

Product and Discount Table Integrity: Product and Discount Tables always occur in sets. You can have multiple sets of Product and Discount Tables on one PC (useful, if you represent multiple manufacturers). A Product and Discount Table set can be "locked" to prevent modification (useful when Headquarters distributes data to regional Sales offices). All or part of a Product and Discount Table set can be imported and exported (if not locked). Importing is especially useful for manufacturers who want to obtain their Product and Discount data from another source.

Reports: Reports Numerous reports display and/or print the Product Table, Discount Table, Quote Detail, Quote Status. You can generate a report containing only a portion of the Product Table, Discount Table, or saved quotes. Management reports include an array of quote status reports and a summary list of quotes.

Network Management: OAK!Quote! maintains three databases: Catalog, Quotes, and Preferences. Share these databases in a network environment by storing them on a network drive and setting each user’s General Preferences to point to that location.

Quote Management: Quotes can be generated and saved within OAK!Quote!. Saved quotes can be retrieved, copied, edited, refreshed with current Product and Discount Table data, transferred to a spreadsheet template, saved again, exported, imported, or deleted. You can maintain 20 general information fields with each quote (customer discount code, quote status, close date, competition, etc.) and three description fields. You can establish default values or field masks for quote fields to ensure data entry standards are followed. Drop-down lists for general information fields make data entry a point and click process. When you retrieve a quote saved with an outdated Catalog Database, you receive a "Quote Integrity" message advising you to validate the quote—an OAK!Quote! process that refreshes the quote with current information. Export/Import functions make it easy to pass quotes to other OAK!Quote! users.

Quote Formatting: When you have finished editing a quote, the quote data can be transferred to an existing spreadsheet template in Excel, Lotus 1-2-3, or Quattro Pro, or to a report in Crystal Reports. In addition to the templates installed with OAK!Quote!, you can create your own quotation templates. Graphics and other standard clauses can be included to customize a template. Quote data can be positioned anywhere you want on a template. After OAK!Quote! has transferred the quote data to a spreadsheet template, you can make additional formatting and line item changes.

Preferences: Within OAK!Quote!, preferences are extensive. Examples of preference settings include: field labels, database names, directory locations, discounting method (straight multiplication, subtraction multiplication or margin), contact database field to transfer into quotes, and contact database field to update when a quote is generated.

Integration with Contact Databases: Use a preference-selected Hot Key to start a new quote and transfer data from the contact database to OAK!Quote!. At any time, including final quote generation, you can have OAK!Quote update the contact database with information about the quote. Use OAK!Quote! preferences to identify (1) what data transfers from the contact database to a quote field and (2) what data transfers from the quote back to the contact database. You can automatically link the spreadsheet version of a quote to the contact record

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