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OAK!Check! 6.0

OAK!Check! 6.0
  • Awesome abilities to clean or re-design your data
  • If you use this once, it will pay for itself in your own time
  • Validate you data before upgrading to ACT! 7.0

Allows you to modify and analyse your ACT! database in ways not possible with standard ACT!. OAK!Check! offers powerful update capabilities and data analysis functions. OAK!Check! improves the quality of data in your ACT! database and reduces the time involved in making meticulous changes that everyone dreads. OAK!Check! saves you more in labour effort than it costs, just in the first few times you use it!

Summary of Capabilities

16 Actions available in OAK!Check! to modify the current Group or entire contact database:

  • Selectively Analyze and Delete History
  • Calculate  Field1 + - * / > < Field2 (or Constant) = Field1 or Field3
  • Case Change  Force UPPER or Mixed Case in selected field(s)
  • Copy data from Field1 to Field2 (overwrite or append)
  • Increment  Start at Value1, increment by Value2, add Pre/postfix too
  • Insert  Insert 'abc' after position 'n' in selected field
  • Library Field  Copy contents from an ACT! 2.0 database to an ACT! 3.0 or later field
  • Maintain Dropdowns  Copy/Swap Dropdowns intra- OR inter-database
  • Remove x characters from left/right in selected field
  • Replace first/all occurrences of 'ab' with 'xy' in selected field
  • Swap Exchange contents of two fields
  • Undelete OOPS! Recover that contact you just accidentally deleted
  • Update Salutation  Create a customized salutation in any field
  • Validate Attachments  Determine which attachments no longer reside in specified path and edit the path
  • Validate Dropdown Verify Contents of selected field against its Dropdown OR Build a Dropdown from field contents
  • Validate Mask Verify field contents conform to a specified character mask

Features & Benefits

OAK!Check! provides ACT! users with the ability to modify and analyse the contents of ACT! databases. OAK!Check! eliminates the time necessary to rekey data PLUS improves the quality of your ACT! data. Here are just a few practical "tip of the iceberg" examples of how OAK!Check! saves users time and money every day.

Redesign Your Database
After using your database for a while, you decide that the data in one field would be more useful if it were located in a different field. For example, you want User10 data in User4 so you can sort on the data. With OAK!Check!, you can redesign your ACT! database to change the location of data or copy data into a new location. OAK!Check! displays a "progress" meter while performing the requested action.
Copy or Swap Popups and/or Field Attributes Between Fields - Even If The Fields Are In Different Databases
You’ve spent all that time keying in the "Perfect Popup". Now you want to use that same Popup in another field or another database. Simply choose Maintain Popups from the Action List, specify the source and target fields for the Popup, select Copy or Swap and click OK. The entire Popup ends up where you want it! No fuss, no muss! You can also copy or swap field attributes too!
Validate Field Data Against Popup Values
With OAK!Check!, you can identify fields that contain invalid values by comparing the contents of a field against the Popup list for the field. When performing the Validate Popup action in interactive mode, OAK!Check! identifies every contact in your Lookup that contains data inconsistent with the Popup list and allows you to select a value from the Popup list OR add a new entry to the Popup list. When performing the validate in batch mode, the result is a printable/viewable file on disk, containing a list of all contacts that don't match any Popup entry for that field. OAK!Check! is now even smart enough to validate multiple Popup entries in a field (e.g. "President, CEO").
Change the Case Display for Data
Use OAK!Check! to capitalise all letters in the address fields for a mailing. After the mailing, return the data to leading caps. Similarly, data imported from another source is often in uppercase. Use OAK!Check! to change the data to leading caps. Use the new "Force List" feature in OAK!Check! to keep "PO BOX"” from being changed to "Po Box", etc. etc.
Create a Custom Salutation
Would you like to use a salutation that contains initials instead of the full name?   Would you like to have multiple salutations available to use? OAK!Check! lets you choose what parts of a name (First, Middle, Last, Prefixes, and Suffixes) to use in a salutation and where to store the salutation.  Very flexible!
Change the Case Display for Data
Use OAK!Check! to capitalise all letters in the address fields for a mailing.  After the mailing, return the data to leading caps.  Similarly, data imported from another source is often in uppercase.  Use OAK!Check! to change the data to leading caps.   OAK!Check!’s "Force List" keeps "PO BOX" from being changed to "Po Box," etc.
Use the Undelete action to restore contact records that were mistakenly deleted.  You can restore deleted contacts up until the time your database was last compressed or re-indexed.   The ONLY way to recover from an accidental deletion!
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