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ACT! for Palm OS for ACT! 6.0

ACT! for Palm OS for ACT! 6.0

*Please note, ACT! for Palm OS does not work with ACT! 2005 or later versions. You can use ACT! Link for Palm OS to link data from ACT! 2005 down to your device or get a Blackberry, PocketPC or iPhone and use Handheld Contact

Have complete customer information with you on-the-go.
ACT! for Palm OS is the first-ever, complete contact management system designed specifically for Palm OS handhelds.

The ACT! for Palm OS 1.0.1 free update is now available via download for current ACT! for Palm customers. This release now supports Palm OS 5 and users with PDA phones can call contacts directly from ACT! for any phone number.

System Requirements
Please review the information below to ensure you meet the minimum system requirements with regard to your handheld device and Windows software:

Handheld Device:

  • Palm OS version 3.5, 4.0, 4.1, and 5.0.
  • 400K free memory plus an additional 1K for each contact
  • 8MB, 33 MHz processor device recommended

Windows Desktop:

  • ACT! 6.0 (sold separately) or ACT! Express (included free with ACT! for Palm OS). Previous versions of ACT! are not compatible.
  • Microsoft Windows® 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP
  • 133 MHz processor or higher
  • 64MB of memory or higher
  • VGA or higher monitor resolution
  • 50MB of free hard disk space
  • HotSync version 3.5 or higher
  • CD drive
Device Mfg. Suggested Not Suggested (less than 33 MHz processor) Not Supported (Palm OS less than version 3.5)
Palm m125, m130, m500, m515, i705, Tungsten m100, m105, III, IIIxe, V, Vx, VIIx, Zire IIIe, VII, Pilot
Handspring Visor Pro, Platinum, Edge, Prism, Neo, Pro, Treo Visor Deluxe
SONY All Palm OS models
IBM WorkPad c500, c505
Samsung All Palm OS models Telephony features
Kyocera All Palm Smartphones and Model 6035
Handera Model 300 TRGpro
This listing current as of March 7, 2003.

What version of Palm OS do you have?
To check what version of Palm OS your device has, please follow these simple steps on your device (steps may vary according to device):

  1. Tap the Home button (left of the graffiti area).
  2. Tap the Menu button (left of the graffiti area).
  3. Select Info from the Application Menu.
  4. View the Version tab.

Recommended Usage:

  • It also recommended that you set ACT! Link 2.0 to the "Do Nothing" synchronization setting when synchronizing with ACT! for Palm.

Please note that the following features are not supported in ACT! for Palm OS at this time.

  • Beaming of contacts and activities to other Palm users.
  • Telephony features found on the Samsung.
  • Synchronization beyond 60 pre-defined fields and 15 custom fields.
  • Synchronization with ACT! 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0/2000. (Existing ACT! 5.0/2000 users should upgrade to ACT! 6.0)
  • Sending and receiving e-mail on the handheld from within ACT! for Palm OS.
  • It also recommended that you set ACT! Link 2.0 to the "Do Nothing" synchronization setting when synchronizing with ACT! for Palm.
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