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MergeMaster! Pro 3.5

MergeMaster! Pro 3.5
  • Fast powerful email merges from ACT!
  • ADT, GMT or HTML templates for maximum choice
  • Profiles function for regular settings
  • CC: additional email fields for each contact

Send HTML email from ACT! 2000, 5.0 or 6.0 using standard Word ADT, ACT! 6.0 GMT ot full HTML templates.

MergeMaster! Pro 3.5 for ACT! adds fax (Aust/NZ only) and powerful email merge capabilities to ACT!, and adds many features not possible with ACT! and WinFAX or any other fax or email solution for ACT!.

This product will be of interest to you if you can answer "YES" to any of the following questions:

  • Do you have a product that you need to sell or a service you want to promote?
  • Do you want to increase your marketing responses?
  • Do you want to be able to MERGE faxes or e-mails and add attachments?
  • Do you want to send MERGED faxes or e-mails to large numbers of contacts without it taking days?
  • Do you think broadcasting faxes or e-mails would benefit your business, but just isn't personal enough?
  • Do you want to be able to send fantastic looking HTML emails fully merged from your ACT! database?
  • Would you like to send faxes across Australia at a flat rate and have access to excellent international rates?
  • Have you surpassed the limits of WinFAX to cope with the numbers of faxes you send, but don't have the budget for a full fax server?
  • Would you like to automatically have information faxed or e-mailed to your contacts in one pass? (ie some contacts receive e-mails and others receive the same information faxed as per your choice)
  • Do you want to save TIME and MONEY?

MergeMaster! Pro for ACT! is the ultimate Email and fax solution for ACT!

Click on on of the following links for a sample template:
Australia/New Zealand

Summary of Capabilities

MergeMaster! Pro for ACT! enables ACT! users to send merged (fully personalised) faxes and e-mails with attachments via the Internet based fax and e-mail services of wwF@x or HTML and Text emails via a local SMTP server.

MergeMaster! Pro for ACT! integrates with ACT! enabling it to read the ACT! contact data and ACT! merge templates created using Microsoft Word. Note: Templates created with the ACT! word processor are not supported.

MergeMaster! Pro 3.5 also includes Duplicate Checking, Exclusions List, Batch Sending and many new features!

Requirements & Installation

  • MergeMaster! Pro 3.5 for ACT! is compatible with ACT! 2000, 5.04 and later (including 6.0)
  • Only ACT! users with Standard and Administrator access levels can run MergeMaster! for ACT! - users with a Browse access level will be advised that they do not have sufficient access rights to use MergeMaster! for ACT! and will be denied access to MergeMaster!
  • Environment

  • 10MB of free disk space required
  • HTML merge option requires an SMTP mail server


  • Automated installation program installs in minutes!
  • Adds itself to the ACT! icon bar.

    International Versions

  • Fax options only available for Australia/NZ
  • HTML email works world wide.
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