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ACT! 6.0 for Windows

ACT! 6.0 for Windows
  • GL Computing still has a few 6-Packs left in stock...
  • If you are still on ACT! 6.0 and wish to get some additional licenses, please contact GL Computing asap
  • More ACT! 6.0 downloads, including updates, patches, add-ons from the Downloads page
  • ACT! 5.0 downloads, including updates, patches

    Whether you’re an existing ACT! user or considering implementing a proven contact management package ACT! Version 6.0 gives you instant access to every contact enabling you to see every detail of every relationship. You'll be able to find anyone or any detail in seconds, including names, phone numbers, addresses, notes from previous conversations, letters, e-mails sent and received, upcoming appointments, follow-up activities, and much more. ACT! even manages your sales pipeline with forecasting tools and built-in reports and allows you to safely share complete customer information with your workgroup.

    With 4 million users worldwide, ACT! is the world’s best selling contact management software and the ultimate tool for managing and growing your business relationships.

    Effectively Manage Your Contacts:

    As a salesperson, one of your biggest challenges is managing and tracking your accounts and individual contacts. You may have the information but can you organise it and make it work? 

    Using ACT!, harnessing the power of your customer data is surprisingly simple as it enables you to manage information in harmony with the structure of each account or organisation — by individual, product, interest, location or company — while providing a clear overview of the essential contact information.

    Suddenly, you've the ability to empower individuals from a central point: every activity, every note, every conversation and each e-mail, fax, or proposal can be co-ordinated and accessed - even when you're on the road. When you speak to your clients, key information will always be at your fingertips:


    • Find anyone by instant look-ups or detailed search criteria
    • Easily identify active and non-active contacts
    • Keep a history of every conversation, customer meeting, letters and e-mails sent and received
    • Use templates to instantly write personalised letters, e-mails, memos, and faxes to one person or mail merge to multiple contacts
    • Customise HTML graphical e-mail templates and begin e-mail marketing your contacts    
    • Attach, view and edit files directly from contact records
    • Manage groups of contacts by company, account, project, products and more
    • Stay productive, wherever you are, using ACT! synchronisation features
    • Use standard reports for phone lists, activity logs and relationship histories or develop your own
    • 70 pre-defined fields or create your own custom fields specific your organisation

    Calendar Management:

    Never forget a meeting again. ACT! provides the tools for complete calendar and schedule management, from printed calendars and address books to meeting and activity alarms.

    You can get a clear view of your calendar by the month, the week or the day and automatically update regular activities by scheduling recurring reminders:

    • Schedule meetings, phone calls and tasks and set alarms so you'll never forget

    • View your schedule by day, week or month
    • Easily print calendars and address books to take them with you
    • See activity details easily with calendar pup-ups
    • Avoid scheduling conflicts with automatic calendar notifications
    • Pre-define a commonly occurring series of activities and in one click, schedule them with your contact

    Seamlessly Integrate With Microsoft® Outlook:

    Use Outlook directly within ACT! to send and receive e-mails and view calendars, e-mails and scheduled Outlook activities in ACT! and vice versa.

    • Synchronise your Outlook calendar with ACT! to view activities scheduled in Outlook from ACT!
    • Import contacts directly from Outlook 2000/2002XP without re-entering contact information
    • Access your Outlook inbox and other folders from ACT!'s e-mail console to manage the e-mails sent and received for every contact
    • Create a history log for messages sent and received in Outlook for every contact and record an easily retrievable complete history of all messages sent and received.

    ACT! Hands You Sharpened Tools To Manage Your Sales Pipeline:

    Forecasting and sales tracking features from ACT! will put the sales management under your authority.  Generate informative graphs that illustrate your pipeline, predefine a detailed series of activities and automatically schedule your action steps.

    The result will be a pipeline management process that’s highly effective from prospect to closing and set within your specified timeframe.

    Keeping track of all your sales opportunities is an important part of moving closer to your sales targets. When you create a sales opportunity in ACT!, you'll assign it to a stage in the sales development cycle.  From there, create a sales funnel to graphically depict the number of sales opportunities at each stage and plan the appropriate action to progress your opportunities to the next stage in the sales cycle.

    • Manage your sales pipeline and meet your goals with confidence using built-in ACT! forecasting tools
    • Track opportunities through the sales cycle with the graphical sales pipeline report
    • Quickly create and print a sales graph, showing open, won, or lost sales for any timeframe you choose
    • Choose from eight pre-formatted reports or create your own to analyse your sales pipeline, sales by customer, sales totals and many more
    • Customise graphs with relevant data and information

    Share information

    Share customer and calendar information across networked databases, synchronise remote users and offices, send contact records and other data via e-mail. No matter how many people are involved you can see exactly where your relationship with your client stands today.

    Synchronise ACT! with Palm OS handhelds

    • Import Palm Desktop information including Address Book, Date Book and to-do Items.
    • Synchronise ACT! calendar, contact and activity information along with notes and history items to any Palm Powered handheld including Palm, Handspring, Kyocera, Sony and more
    • Add contacts and activities to your Palm and the synchronise them back to ACT!


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