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Crystal Clear Reports

Crystal Clear Reports
  • Fantastic reports normally unavailable from ACT!
  • Reports to many different formats
  • Ability to use Crystal Reports to edit and add additional reports
  • Use CCRAutoReport (see below) to run automatically for ACT! for Web, WiredContact and other users

Download a free trial copy with 40 Crystal Reports® designed to help you get the most out of your ACT!® database. The reports run right off the ACT!® menu and the Crystal Reports® runtime is included for free with the reports. Run your report and then save it in several formats including Excel®, Word®, PDF, HTML and even XML!

Crystal Clear Reports 3.0, our latest version, includes several new reports that our customers have requested. In addition you can now run your reports on the current lookup in ACT!® and you can run reports that you have created from the ACT!® menu! As with version 2.0 there is no charge to upgrade from a previous version. If you are upgrading all you need to do is download and install the new version.

Note: Crystal Clear Reports is not currently supported in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment. We are currently in the process of testing it on those platforms and expect to have more information in the near future. When Crystal Clear Reports has been certified for use in a Citrix or Terminal Services environment it may require special licensing including additional licensing required to run Crystal Reports in a server environment.



  • Can be scheduled to run CCR Reports with no user intervention.
  • Uses pre-set parameters for report record selection.
  • Saves reports to specified out-put (Excel, PDF, etc.).
  • Emails report out-put to specified email recipients.


  • No user intervention required. Your reports will run themselves and deliver to those who want to see them!
  • ACT!forWeb or Wired Contact users can have database reports delivered to them that are run from the master database, with no user intervention!
  • Large databases make for slower reports…schedule the reports to run at night so you don't have to wait.
  • If your boss wants reports on the desk first thing Monday morning, don't get up early….use CCRAutoReport!

Requirements: Crystal Clear Reports, Microsoft Access, Outlook email. Client must have a working knowledge of Microsoft Access and CCR parameter settings, or get a qualified ACC to help with initial set up.

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