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ACT!PAK! 6.0

ACT!PAK! 6.0
  • Trigger Deputies to create calculated fields in ACT!
  • Interfaces ACT! with Excel, Quattro Pro and Lotus 1-2-3.
  • Applies pre-defined sequences of activities as scheduling templates to a Contact or a Lookup.
  • Backs up selected ACT! files and databases to compressed format onto any writeable drive.
  • Restores ACT! files and databases backed up with the ACT!PAK! Backup Deputy.
  • Produces a Data Dictionary for ACT! 3.0 databases that includes: Field attribute details, Drop-down list contents, Output as report file, CSV file or Spreadsheet.

ACT!PAK!® provides a collection of functions that complement and extend the capabilities of ACT!® for Windows.

ACT!PAK! capabilities encompass a wide range of functions represented by a Posse of Deputies for ACT!. Whether users desire enhanced capabilities for scheduling, sending ACT! data to a spreadsheet, updating ACT! with data from a spreadsheet, backing up ACT! databases, restoring ACT! databases, providing a Data Dictionary for ACT! databases, there is a Deputy in ACT!PAK! that can do the job. All of the functions that are included with ACT!PAK! were suggested to Oakhurst Systems, Inc. by ACT! users from around the world. If you have a suggestion about additional functions you would like to see in ACT!PAK!, please call, fax or e-mail us with your suggestion.

Summary of Version 6 Changes

  • Supports ACT! 6.0.
  • Supports Excel 2000 and later
  • If Trigger 1 is an Increment trigger, the data in Prefix and Suffix is now part of the sequential number.
  • Custom Crystal Reports now run against multi-user ACT! databases for ACT! userids with a password.
  • If the Hold File is open when you attempt a Transfer request, ACT!PAK! now completes the Transfer request without generating an error messages.

Features & Benefits:

Trigger Deputy for ACT!
Ensure the data integrity of your ACT! database and reduce data entry steps with ACT!PAK! triggers. Now you can calculate ACT! fields and store the results in another field, update a field if certain conditions are met, fill in multiple fields based on the value in another field, copy data from one field to another, and assign a unique number to each new record. Triggers execute automatically using the ACT! trigger function or on an ad hoc basis using an icon. ACT!PAK! installs a sample triggers database of 17 different triggers to help you understand how to create your own triggers. No programming knowledge or software required! Some trigger examples: territory assignment, calculate mortgage payments, apply sales tax, calculate extended amount and many more! An ACT!PAK! run-time license executes ACT!PAK! triggers in stealth mode -- the end user doesn't even know that ACT!PAK! is there!
Spreadsheet Deputy for ACT!
Passes data to/from ACT! and Excel, Lotus or Quattro Pro. Users can "Merge" specific ACT fields to specific cells in a Spreadsheet Template. Great for financial analysis. With ACT!PAK! and your spreadsheet application, you can perform mathematical calculations on your ACT! data and produce reports. ACT!PAK! transfers the data from the current ACT! contact, lookup or group to a new spreadsheet in Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 and/or Quattro Pro where you can manipulate the data. Furthermore, you can merge data from an ACT! contact to specific cells in an existing spreadsheet. Finally, you can merge specific cells from a spreadsheet back to one or more ACT! databases fields.
Scheduling Deputy for ACT!(SM)
Provides the ability to create and store sequences of Activities (Calls, Meetings and To-Dos). Apply a pre-defined sequence to one Contact, Lookup or Group. Avoids vacation/holidays based on preferences. The ACT!PAK! Scheduling Deputy for ACT! provides an easy method to handle a repetitive series of activities for different contacts. With ACT!PAK!, you define a sequence of Calls, Meetings, and/or To-Dos as a scheduling template. Each time you apply a template, you choose an anchor date. The template identifies how many days between the anchor date and each event. For example, send a new contact a letter (To-Do) on day 2, schedule an Initial Call on day 8, and a Follow-up Call on day 15. All standard scheduling capabilities of ACT! (schedule an event for another ACT! user, etc.) are fully supported. ACT!PAK! is a powerful time-saver for anyone who frequently enters the same series of activities for different contacts.
Backup Deputy for ACT!
Makes a complete and compressed copy of any ACT! database for which you know a userid and password! Worry no more! You can even specify which ACT! files (documents, layouts, reports, templates, and more) to backup and the destination for the backup file. What a great way to distribute ACT! files to field personnel!
Restore Deputy for ACT!
Restores databases and ACT! files backed up with ACT!PAK!'s Backup Deputy. A simple and safe way to transport your ACT database between office and home!
Data Dictionary Deputy for ACT!
With all the new features in ACT! that allow you to modify the structure of an ACT! database, it is now more important than ever to document which fields exist in a database and the attributes of each field: Is it a Group or Contact field, Is the field indexed, Is the field synchronised, What is the data-type and size of the field, Is History turned on for this field, and more. Produce a Data Dictionary for an entire database, Contact or Group fields only, or a specific list of fields. Document the contents of drop-down lists too! The Data Dictionary output is available in multiple formats: Produce an actual Data Dictionary Report which you can view or print; Produce a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file which can serve as input for other applications; or Produce a spreadsheet and then manipulate the data in your spreadsheet application. No more questions about how to reconstruct a database or why fields are not synchronising. A quick look at your latest Data dictionary answers the question for you! The Data Dictionary is a must for anyone attempting to manage multiple ACT! databases.
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