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Act! Premium for Web

Act! Premium for Web

ACT! Premium for Web provides contact and customer management users with anytime, anywhere access to centralised, secure data- enabling remote, traveling, or office-based users access to information in real time through a Web browser.

Simple server installation allows for easy roll-out to users and provides organizations with the security of knowing that critical customer data stays within their firewalls, not on individual user PCs. ACT! Premium for Web delivers all the benefits of hosted Web-based solutions, without the recurring cost of monthly fees!

Web Architecture Diagram

Your organisation with ACT! Premium for Web users and ACT! Premium users.

Remote Location Users
Members of your team that work in remote locations can now access and manage contact and customer relationships from your centralised database, in real-time via the Web. Users have up-to-date customer information and the corporate database stays accurate- without the need for synchronisation.

Mobile / Traveling User
Mobile and traveling users can stay productive by accessing contact and customer information from their hotel room, in a client's office, or anywhere they can connect to the Internet. And, for users that need offline or PDA access, also equip them with ACT! Premium for Workgroups.

Users on the Network
Your ACT! users in the main office can either use ACT! Premium for Web or ACT! Premium for Workgroups to access and share information in real-time with remote or traveling users. Contact and customer data, layouts and reports can be shared between Windows and Web users.

Administrator / Manager
Easily roll-out ACT! Premium for Web to all of your users, regardless of location. Centrally administer and customize layouts and reports once, that can be accessed by either Windows or Web users. Rest assured knowing your data resides securely behind your firewall

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