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Handheld Contact - The mobile solution for Act! CRM
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Handheld Contact - The mobile solution for Act! CRM
  • Get your Act! Data updated wirelessly to your smartphone
  • Manage which Groups of Contacts are sent plus any you have Activities scheduled with
  • No requirement to come back into the office to cradle sync
  • Comparison of all the ways to Get Act! on your phone

    Use Act! on the go. Wirelessly sync, anywhere.

    Handheld Contact Professional Images

    Definitive Mobile Solution for Act!

    Powerful Act! Features

    • Simple setup.
    • Customize each user's experience.
    • No duplicate creation issues
    • Automatic, wireless syncing keeps data on the mobile device up to date.
    • The only solution designed for Act! and respects relationships between contacts, notes, histories, and activities.
    • Help maintain a high level of data integrity.
    • Manage one or many users from a single desktop application on a computer, server, or laptop.
    • Customize which standard and custom fields sync.
    • Create and manage contacts, activities, notes, and more.
    • History is automatically created after a call is placed or an e-mail or text message is sent.
    • Makes scheduling a follow up after a phone call or e-mail hassle-free.
    • Clear activities and schedule follow ups for one or many people.
    • Quickly place calls and send e-mails directly from activity records.
    • View and edit other Act! users' activities.

    Australian Pricing (for other regions, please contact GL Computing):

    One subscription provides one user with:
    • Unlimited data syncing
    • Free installation and setup
    • Unlimited quality support
    • Free software upgrades

    Annual Subscription
    Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry

    Try Handheld Contact to see how it increases your productivity; saves you time and money; and lets you get the most out of ACT!.

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