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ACT! for Notes Sales Suite


ACT! for Notes Sales Suite

How much time do you think your salespeople spend focused on activities directly related to driving revenue?

How much should you spend to find out?

It may sound obvious enough, but studies have shown that individual productivity or lack thereof is the #1 business problem facing most sales organizations. Hours wasted on calls and activities not directly related to driving opportunities and creating revenue.

To address these productivity concerns, companies are spending hundreds of millions of dollars with vendors marketing Sales Force Automation "solutions." Money and effort that for the most part, are wasted as three out of four Sales Force Automation projects never complete (source: Gartner Group).

Why? For a very simple reason – these "solutions" complicate what should be a simple process: managing relationships and opportunities.

Why overspend to complicate your sales process?

Affordable, easy to use, collaborative contact management with integrated forecasting and opportunity management.

Translate relationships into activities and actions that create revenue.

All the replication, security, customizability, and remote usage capabilities of Lotus Notes.

Leverage your already existing Lotus Notes infrastructure, providing an inexpensive, open development platform that you can shape and mold to meet your requirements.

ACT! for Notes Sales Suite

Integrate Opportunity Management with Contact Management

Keep your sales teams focused on relationships and opportunities. Easy to use, ACT! Sales Suite integrates our leading collaborative contact management system, ACT! for Notes, with our opportunity management and forecasting system, ACT! for Notes PipeLine.

  • Launch Opportunities from Within ACT! for Notes
  • Toggle effortlessly back and forth between opportunities and contacts
  • Quickly identify all the contacts - and their roles - associated with an opportunity

Track and categorize opportunities:

  • in any phase; for any sales rep; and for any timeframe.
  • by Company; by Region; by Product and more.

Track revenues:

  • by month;
  • by week;
  • by salesperson;
  • by account;
  • by status or whatever variable you choose.

Track expected sales (forecast).

You define, based on Status, Phase and Probability, which expected sales go automatically to the general forecast and to the high probability forecast; You can display factored sales figures based on Probability

Customizable and Secure

Configure which parts of the Opportunity will be visible - use only what you need; Define field labels and popup values to make PipeLine work your way; Keep opportunities private; Grant access to users as desired

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