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ACT! for Notes 2.0 for Notes 4.x


ACT! for Notes 2.0 for Notes 4.x
Improved calendar integration, mail merge, Web access, ease-of-use enhance this popular enterprise contact management application.

January 26, 1998-- ErgoTech announced today the second generation of ACT! for Notes, a leading Lotus Notes-based contact management software package. ACT! for Notes is a group contact management application that allows organisations to quickly and easily capture and organise crucial data about the people with whom they do business. ACT! for Notes 2.0 offers increased functionality for the enterprise by providing enhanced ease-of-use, a powerful mail merge facility, calendar integration and Web access. It works either as a stand-alone application or integrated with other software as part of a larger automated solution for critical business functions such as sales and customer service.

ErgoTech developed ACT! for Notes under contract to Symantec two years ago, and has provided product support to Symantec's distribution channel throughout the product's history. ErgoTech recently acquired ACT! for Notes from Symantec and continues to manage the ACT! for Notes distribution channel.

ACT! for Notes is a highly-focused product that does one thing extremely well -- contact management for the enterprise," said ErgoTech president Sanford Cohen. By improving its links to Notes' calendar and schedule function and adding a mail merge capability, we've made ACT! for Notes an even more useful tool for busy professionals whose livelihood depends on timely, accurate communication with other people.

Increased Functionality
ACT! for Notes 2.0 marks a response to customer suggestions for improved functionality. The new version includes:

  • Calendar Integration: Bi-directional synchronisation of calendar events with the Notes Mail File allowing users to reference either place for information and scheduled activities. ACT! for Notes will also e-mail activity invitations to other users and update the status of replies.
  • Web Access: Users with Web browsers will be able to access the ACT! for Notes database to view documents and create or edit contacts, companies, activities and notes.
  • Mail Merge Functionality: ACT! for Notes will leverage the strength of external word processors to accomplish sophisticated mail merge tasks, and allow maximum control to the user of formatting features.
  • Improved User Interface (UI): Updated to provide users with a more graphical look and feel with easier navigation.

"I have built my whole company around ACT! for Notes",said Kelly Malaret, Malaret Computer Technology LTD, a Chicago-based consulting firm that recently expanded its staff. "I recommend ACT! for Notes because it is a simple, cost-effective enterprise application for sharing data."

Easy Integration
ACT! for Notes 2.0 works on its own or with other applications. Integration with applications such as project management and call tracking is easily achieved due to the single database architecture of ACT! for Notes. Traditionally a sales force automation tool, ACT! for Notes 2.0 is useful in purchasing, finance, customer service or wherever contacts need to be tracked and shared.

ACT! for Notes was exactly what we were looking for," said Doug Hayden, IT project manager, Miller SQA. Its ease-of-use and name recognition was important for us as we delivered this application to a large independent dealership network. We have enough software programs to complicate our lives, I don't need another one. I needed a solution that would work across our multiple client platforms and integrate with our other Notes applications, providing us with a common thread of communication.

ErgoTech is now offering a server license to the source code for ACT! for Notes. Using the source code license, VARs and customers will have the ability to customise and extend the functionality of ACT! for Notes to other existing applications. For more information in Australia, New Zealand or Asia, please call GL Computing on +61-2-9361-6766.

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