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This is just a quick note about the new version of MergeMaster! Pro 3.5.

Please let me know if you need more information on this or any GL Computing custom ACT! add-ons.

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Allowing fully personalised emails to be sent from ACT! to thousands of contacts in a single click, MergeMaster! extends the ability of ACT!5 or ACT!6 to get you message to your users. It’s easy to send great looking emails to your client base.

The new build of MergeMaster! 3.5 adds some great new functionality:

● New support for ACT!6 GMT templates as well as ADT and HTML template for maximum choice in designing your emails
● Profiles - these allow users to save merge settings for specific tasks (like Subject, Groups, etc) and recall them instantly for regular mailings.
● Batch Sending - MergeMaster! can now close and re-open the connection to the SMTP server automatically to by-pass the limits that some ISPs place on their users sending bulk emails.

Other features of MergeMaster! include resubmit (to resend failed emails for those times the internet lets you down), duplicate checking, exclusions lists and being able to automatically send in text mode to those clients who’s e-mail clients cannot read html all while sending html emails at the same time.

With just one click there is no better way to keep in touch.

MergeMaster! Pro 3.5 can be downloaded from

For those ACCs who have already qualified for custom builds, they have been posted to our FTP server for you to download. For anyone else, the Generic build is on our web server, or you can contact us for information on how to get a custom build. There is also a patch on our web server for current MMP 3.x users.

Faxing also available from Australia/NZ server

“The product is great and the results we are getting from our clients is better than anything else we have used. The way MMP merges a two page document into a single html email is awesome” - Chris Venning, Dealer Network Systems, Australia

"the most stable and intuitive mass mailing program I've ever seen - believe me, I've tried a few ..." - Joerg Keller, ACT! Partners, Switzerland

“I will tell all my customers that if they want to do significant mail merges to email, using HTML, then MMPro is the only logical choice – even with ACT! 6” - Kenneth A. Anderson, Anderson Consulting & Training, USA

"Perfection, simple to use, and of the 10 friends I tried it with they ALL called back to say how impressed they were, none of them were primed before hand" - Paul King, Concise Software, United Kingdom