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MergeMaster! Pro 3.5 is the ultimate mass communications add-on for ACT! 5.0 and 6.0.

Allowing fully personalised faxes and emails to be sent from ACT! to thousands of contacts in a single click. It’s easy to send faxes and/or emails to your clients according to their preference and available resources.

Templates can be created in ACT! as a Word ADT file, in HTML using any html tool - and now even ACT! 6.0 GMT files can be used. For emails, graphics can be embedded or stored on a website for extra speed. MergeMaster! will even attach files to merged faxes and emails.

Emails are being sent via your ISP or Corporate Mail Server, your faxes are be managed with the expertise only WWf@x can provide.

Prodocom offers:

  •  A flat, per minute rate to any destination in Australia with no flag falls.

  • Extremely competitive international rates with no flag falls.

  • Access to hundreds of fax lines. Deliver thousands of faxes in minutes!!

  • Pay only for successful deliveries (no charges for voice calls, comms errors etc)

  • No equipment cost or line rental fees.

So not only saving you time but money as well.

Other features of MergeMaster! include resubmit (for those times the internet lets you down), duplicate checking, exclusions lists and being able to automatically send in text mode to those clients who’s e-mail clients cannot read html all while sending faxes and emails at the same time.

With just one click there is no better way to keep in touch.

MergeMaster! Pro can be downloaded from

Further information and pricing can be obtained by contacting your local ACT! Certified Consultant or GL Computing

  • Faxing only available from Australia/NZ

“The product is great and the results we are getting from our clients is better than anything else we have used. The way MMP merges a two page document into a single html email is awesome” - Chris Venning, Dealer Network Systems, Australia

"the most stable and intuitive mass mailing program I've ever seen - believe me, I've tried a few ..." - Joerg Keller, ACT! Partners, Switzerland

“I will tell all my customers that if they want to do significant mail merges to email, using HTML, then MMPro is the only logical choice – even with ACT! 6” - Kenneth A. Anderson, Anderson Consulting & Training, USA

"Perfection, simple to use, and of the 10 friends I tried it with they ALL called back to say how impressed they were, none of them were primed before hand" - Paul King, Concise Software, United Kingdom