Compare Handheld Contact Editions


ACT! Compatibility

       ACT! 2011 (13)
       ACT! 2010 (12)
       ACT! 2009 (11)
       ACT! 2008 (10)
       ACT! 2007 (9)
       ACT! 2006 (8)  
       ACT! 2005 (7)  
       ACT! for Web, ACT! for Financial Professionals, and ACT! for Real Estate

 Phones Supported

BlackBerry smartphones - No touch screen
Such as BlackBerry Bold, Curve.
BlackBerry Torch
BlackBerry smartphones - Storm and Storm 2  
Windows Mobile Smartphones    
       Windows Mobile 6.1  
       Windows Mobile 6  
       Windows Mobile 5  
Windows Mobile Pocket PC    
       Windows Mobile 6.1
       Windows Mobile 6
       Windows Mobile 5
Treo Smartphones with Windows Mobile
Apple iPhone and iPad - with iOS 4.2  

Syncing highlights

Syncs securely using 128 bit encryption  
Sync to 3rd party application  
Syncs custom activities  
Syncs tasks  
Syncs notes and histories  
Syncs sales opps changes from ACT! (through history)  
Links contacts to activities and calendar  
Syncs other users activities  
Syncs additional customer fields  
Automatic syncing  
Unlimited syncs per day
Set time for syncing each ACT! user  
Records history and activities, calls, email and SMS made on phone  
Wireless sync
Syncs contacts
Syncs calendar
Syncs pre-defined activities  
Syncs to phone contact list and calendar  


Custom field mapping
Erase activities on the phone
Central admin console for all users
Profiles for syncing multiple users
Exclude categories from the sync
Edit contacts and calendar on phone
Enter new contacts and calendar on phone
Edit activities on the phone
Enter new activities on the phone
Web access to sync status
Web administration for accounts
Sync to multiple phones
Clear activities on the phone  
View and edit other ACT! users activities  


Online FAQ
Eligible for "Per incident" paid support
Eligible for "Premium Care" support
Free support
Free upgrades
Free upgrades for new release of ACT!
Free software replacement with new phone
Email support

Pricing (in $AU inc GST)

Annual subscription $99 $199

For more information, see the GL Computing Handheld Contact Page