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FileManager It's time to go paperless!

FileManager for ACT! delivers powerful features in a simple, affordable package that makes file management and organization a breeze.

One-minute installation

Installing FileManager is fast, simple and only takes about a minute to install and configure.

Start using it right away

FileManager is thoughtfully designed so that new users can begin using it with essentially no learning curve.

Conveniently organize and manage files in ACT!

Going paperless isn't a hassle with FileManager for ACT! – You can effortlessly access, organize, or manage all your documents and files from with in ACT! and don't have to waste a second with other applications.

Scan and attach documents in a few steps

Have a physical document you want to store? Locate the contact, household, or company in ACT!, scan and name the document, and you're done!

Absolute control over file storage

You have absolute control over your files with FileManager. Whether it's locally on your PC, on a network, or in the cloud, you can store and back up your files to fit your needs.

You already know how to use it

FileManager is so easy to use because it behaves like you'd expect it to: Drag and drop documents, e-mails photographs, or anything else you like into folders like you're already used to doing on a PC. Creating and managing folders is also just as simple.

File association with contacts and more

It's so easy to work with your documents and files because FileManager associates them with contacts, households, or companies.

Supports ALL file types

You have the freedom to attach any files you like to a contact, household, or company in ACT!. Be creative and store any file that will help you improve how you work.   




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